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Bathroom Trends 2023

Each year we see elements of bathrooms and kitchens change with the trends. This year is no different, so we wanted to take a look at the latest trends and bathroom renovation ideas.

5 Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Classic Bathroom White Subway Tile ShowerWalk-in Showers – having an “elevated shower routine” has been identified as a top trend of the year. With this comes a large walk-in shower, big enough for 2 people and has a seating area, maybe an overhead rain shower. Think of your shower space as a place to relax, not just get clean.

Removing Oversized Tubs – This one, like most suggestions, is up to your personal tastes. However, removing a seldom-used oversized tub, can reclaim that space, and make way for a large shower or extra storage.

Mirrors – Instead of having one large mirror in the bathroom, think about irregularly shaped mirrors, or oval single mirrors over each sink, and possibly add a backlight to the mirror.

Lighting – Instead of track lighting or a muti-bulb vanity, think of something a little different to update the look of your bathroom. An update like updating your existing lighting to hanging lights with decorative light covers and “brighten” your space. Adding a wall sconce can be a welcome addition and give the bathroom an element of pop.

Mixing & Matching Tiles – Instead of having just one style of tile, subway tiles for example, try mixing styles together. Instead, you can try taking textured tiles and mixing them with a flat surface. Maybe delve into geometric patterns that fade into a solid design.

Think of your bathroom as a sanctuary, a place of calm and relaxation and not just a place to wash up.

Classic Renovations can help you with all these ideas and more! Reach out to us and we can discuss your renovation ideas in depth.